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Our Story

Mrs Pandesalan is not your ordinary Pandesal. Now everyone can enjoy our all time favorite bread in the morning with a new taste a flavored pandesal that you will surely love. 
Mrs Pandesalan owned and managed by MROS Food Solutions Inc. is committed in giving an affordable and unique food in the market. Making food affordable to all Filipinos available without sacrificing the quality at an affordable rate started the business in 2019.
It started as a hobby for home baked pandesal. An opportunity opened for home deliveries within the community in June 2019. From then the customers were looking for a physical store that they can go to anytime of the day. 
But as the founder thought what can they offer that is something unique and will stand out among the pandesal store within the village. And they tried adding flavors to their pandesal. With the original flavors of Cheese, Chocolate, Matcha and Wheat as their initial offering. 
In July 28, 2019 the 1st Mrs Pandesalan opened its branch in Las Pinas City. Weeks after GMA-7 featured Mrs Pandesalan Flavored pandesal on national TV. In November 2019 Mrs Pandesalan opened its 1st franchised branch.

To date Mrs Pandesalan is now offering more than 10 flavors of flavored pandesal plus offering various Flavor Filled Pandesal. 

In 2022 Mrs Pandesalan once again expanded its product line now offering more quality bread products that you will surely love.

Mrs Pandesalan 1st Branch 2019

Mrs Pandesalan Main Branch NOW



Now with over 140+ Branches Nationwide




Mrs Pandesalan
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